About OmniumClass

OmniumClass is a highly innovative and FREE e-learning software package, designed to help teachers - from anywhere in the world – to quickly set-up their classes to teach online. By bringing together a range of features that we believe are important and useful for teaching any subject online, OmniumClass not only creates a wonderful and valuable online teaching space, but also provides a powerful online network for teachers and students to connect and form unique, intuitive, and exciting online learning communities.

In essence, if Facebook and other social-networking sites provide online spaces for casual and informal social interaction, OmniumClass compliments them by providing teachers and students an online space to be more serious through their studies.

The OmniumClass user-interface is not only extremely easy-to-use but also uniquely attractive, flexible and customisable. By providing the OmniumClass e-learning software FREE to teachers anywhere in the world, at any level of education, we are confident they can easily:

OmniumClass is the result of over a decade of online education research undertaken by a group of designers, programmers, students and academics from the College of Fine Arts (COFA) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia.

Associate Professor Rick Bennett
Founder – Omnium Software